In the dynamic world of business, efficiency and precision are not just desirable traits, but essential ones. This is where SAP Business One, an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, comes in. Among its many functionalities, one of the key features is its powerful Bill of Materials (BOM) management. In this blog post, we, at TEKROI – your trusted SAP Business One Partner in Hyderabad, will shed light on the four types of BOMs in SAP Business One.

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But what exactly is a Bill of Material in SAP Business One ?

In essence, a Bill of Material (BOM) in SAP Business One  is a comprehensive list of components, raw materials, assemblies, and sub-assemblies needed to manufacture a product. It not only lists these items but also quantifies them, thereby serving as a recipe and shopping list for production.

SAP Business One  BOM (Bill of Material) Types

1. Sales BOM

A Sales BOM is used when a set of items is sold together as a kit, but they are also sold separately as individual items. These BOMs allow for better management and tracking of inventory levels for each item.

2. Assembly BOM

Assembly BOMs are used when the assembly of items takes place at the time of delivery. The advantage is that the components are not assembled into a final product until a customer order is received, providing flexibility in inventory management.

3. Production BOM

A Production BOM is the most common type of BOM. It lists all the materials and assemblies required to manufacture a final product, including quantities, stages of production, and routing instructions.

4. Template BOM

Template BOMs are used when a general template needs to be created for a product whose specifications may change based on customer requirements. They are flexible and provide a baseline from which custom BOMs can be created.

Beyond these BOM types, SAP Business One  facilitates several other production-related functions such as procurement confirmation wizard, receipt for production, issue from production, product cost recalculation wizard, and many more.

What is a Production Order?

A production order in SAP Business One  is a document that lists the assemblies or components to be manufactured, the quantity, and the scheduled dates for starting and completing the work. It also includes other important details such as routing, work center details, and material requirements.

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BOMs in SAP Business One  provide a powerful tool for manufacturers, allowing for precise, efficient production planning and control. By understanding and utilizing the different types of BOMs, businesses can greatly enhance their production processes. Partner with TEKROI, leverage our expertise in SAP Business One, and take a step towards better operational efficiency and productivity.