The Challenge:

Post-Covid Crisis, the need for optimizing supply chains has become the need of the hour. Issues like backlogs of essential health equipment, along with stockpiling ahead of Brexit, has worsened the traffic at ports. One can understand the seriousness of the situation, as the logistics industry has written to the Transport Department of the UK, requesting to clear port backlogs.

SAP Business Procurement

New health and safety rules by factories, for protecting their workers from the pandemic have also impacted the production capacity. Abnormal increase in demand, along with safety and health restrictions, have been a nightmare for the industry.

How Intelligent ERP Can be the Saviour?

Intelligent ERP technology can be a ray of hope for the industry, in this chaotic situation.Interesting stories are coming from several corners of the world, on how companies are handling these challenges.

One of the manufacturers has slightly modified their 3D printing equipment, which enabled them to make Medical Equipment and PPE Equipment in time, which helped in meeting the demand during this pandemic era.

In another interesting story, an Engineering company have modified their equipment for building an improvised ventilator, that can save lives. In both examples, Agility and Flexibility is proven to be important factors.

Combining the power of Cloud-based SAP planning and analytics, these companies have moulded them to meet the uncertain and rapid changes. While flexibility and agility is proven to be the key, the power of the cloud has helped to complete most of this work to happen remotely.

Here are a few ideas for strengthening your supply-chain, and adopting for future disruptions:

  • Visibility: Improvise the visibility across your entire supply chain, such that problems can be identified, and can be addressed in the initial stage itself.
  • Adapt: Adapt your business in meeting the growing demand, this can be possible only if you have a crystal clear view of the real-time demand and supply.
  • AI & ML: Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the process can help in improving your system, as Machine Learning (ML) trains systems to perform better.
  • Predictive Analytics:  Real-time insights and predictive modelling data can help in automating your supply chain planning, and ensuring faster delivery of products.
  • Choose Cloud:  Companies hosting manufacturing and planning solutions in the cloud can help employees to work from home, this can help in increasing the flexibility as well as productivity for the company.

Making use of the right technologies can help in strengthening your supply chains, and also in building a rock-solid foundation for the future. Companies who spend time now improvising their Supply chain Resilience can handle this pandemic situation with ease, and also in handling future disruptions for better.

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