SAP Business One

In every company, we make transactions with customers in multiple foreign currencies, and to find out the balance of each customer receivables, we access the customer receivable aging report.

For Customers using foreign currencies for the transaction, a few times some users cannot access the customer receivable aging report, showing the following error message:

The error is caused for the user because he does not have the authorization to access rates & indexes. And if the SOP does not allow users to access the exchange rate menu, we can inform the workaround to access the report:

  1. One of the main reasons for error is how aging data is filled by the user in the selection report. So, that the exchange rate can be filled on that date by the authorized user.
  2. Users can first change the date to the date when the exchange rate has already entered, then after the report appears, change the currency to a business partner or local partner.

After the change has been made, the user can now access the report again with the aging date that has not been set for the exchange rate.

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