SAP ERP for Retail

This overview of SAP solutions for retail will cover the business pressures facing retailers, explain how ERP helps in the retail industry, look at what is used to compare SAP ERP solutions, and TEKROI’s commitment to helping you throughout the ERP journey.

Retail Business Challenges

Customers today are savvy, fickle, and demanding. How do retailers grow profitably in these challenging times? By transforming the business to deliver unified, personalized customer experiences that engage and drive loyalty.

Leading retailers are utilizing SAP technology and software to deliver personalized customer experiences, as well as increasing operating efficiencies to reduce costs and run better. SAP solutions help retailers establish a digital foundation to simplify their business with a detailed understanding of their customers’ needs and the ability to serve them individually and seamlessly across all channels.

SAP offers retail ERP software solutions that cover the automation of every aspect of your retail business including​

  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Procurement and Private Label
  • Supply Chain
  • Omni commerce Customer Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Platform and Technology

We talk a lot about digital transformation in retail.  Today’s retailers are trying to challenge how they address customer needs, how to operate proactively based on a shopper’s digital footprint, and how to establish a “segment of one” for merchandising and loyalty.  More than ever, retailers are becoming aware of technology trends and adapting a culture of change to move towards digital transformation.


SAP ERP helps in the retail industry to give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want – when and where they want them – through retail management and omnichannel commerce software.  SAP solutions harness real-time customer and point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel (including mobile), and get the visibility you need to optimize everything from merchandising to your supply chain.

At TEKROI, we have customers running SAP solutions worldwide.  When talking with executive managers from retail companies, we consistently hear the same business needs they expect from retail ERP software:

  • Manage Inventory across Retail Locations
  • Manage product allocations and replenishment
  • Conduct materials planning, purchasing and inventory forecasting projections within MRP
  • Reduce stock outs and ensure the right products are on the shelves
  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Speed up order processing
  • Apply volume, cash and customer discounts and promotions
  • Manage customer purchases in store, online and on mobile devices

Why TEKROI and SAP Solutions for Retail

SAP’s retail ERP solutions contain integrated functionality for processing analytics and transactions, smarter business process handling, accounting and financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations management, inventory and distribution management, ad-hoc interactive reporting plus customizable dashboards and analysis.  There are also best-in-class operational add-on products that expand the breadth and depth of the solution for further capabilities.

TEKROI puts your business first.  With solutions for the small, midsize and large retailer we realize that one size does not fit all.  We take the time to understand your requirements and processes before deciding the best fit SAP ERP solution.

TEKROI operates from multiple offices and supports local as well as global SAP ERP retail solution initiatives.  Talk to us to discover how SAP ERP solutions can improve cash flow management, grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and increase productivity and efficiency.