Preview of the Layout Authorization in the SAP Business One solution.

In SAP Business One, each of the marketing document can have more than 1 layout, and the user can access it from the menu File > Preview Layout, and any of the layout, that can be used for each document shall appear, where the designation is different.

Sometimes, there are some users, who are not allowed to access the menu, because there may be layouts that display information which some users are not allowed to know ( eg. Prices )

If there is such a condition, where the user is not allowed to access print layouts, then the user can only access the default layout that can be been assigned.

To give the authorization to follow these steps:

1. The Superuser or Authorized user can access the Adminstration of the menu > System Intialization > General Authorization.

2. Go to the General menu > Change Default Report.

3 Adjust the Authorization according to the user’s authorization, whether for full access or not getting authorization at all.

4. After assigning the authorization. If the user has not been authorized, the preview layout menu for that user is disabled.

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