Give your sales staff the point-of-sale (POS) functionality they need to excel. Designed for sports and entertainment, retail, merchandising, and catering businesses. The solution supports all common POS requirements from sales, payments, discounts, to loyalty management to streamline their processes. Use as standalone solution or integrate with our ERP software for even more options.

Use as standalone or integrated with SAP ERP systems

Integrate with an SAP ERP solution to transmit transactions directly to your warehouse management and accounting applications or run the solution as standalone. 

Designed for retail, merchandising, catering, sports and entertainment

Get the right user interface tailored to your business needs – no matter if you have a retail or merchandising store, working in the catering, or sports and entertainment area. 

Hardware agnostic

Benefit from the hardware device independency that SAP Customer Checkout offers and run the solution on any point-of-sale device tailored to your business.  Choose flexibly the hardware you are looking for, as the solution is not any point-of-sale hardware device.

Key Capabilities of SAP Customer Checkout

  • Sales process
  • Payments
  • Master data management
  • Real-time integration
  • Reporting
  • Extensibility

TEKROI can help you drive continuous business transformation with an ERP solution that can grow and adjust to suit your needs of today and tomorrow

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