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Top 5 Ways Manufacturers Are Already Using Computer Vision

Computer vision has become essential to building strong and stable manufacturing processes for operations of all sizes, and manufacturers across every industry are using the technology to boost the productivity and quality of their production lines. What was once reserved for only the largest manufacturers to invest time and money into building from scratch, harnessing […]

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How do I choose between On-premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Subscription Licensing for SAP Business One?

Selecting the right ERP solution for your company is not an easy task. In addition to finding the software that has the features and functions that meet your business requirements, you must also decide which vendor has the knowledge and experience to deliver the benefits that the new project will bring. But that is not […]

SAP Business One

Labeling Best Practices: Improve your Datasets with these Easy Tips

Creating a high quality dataset for computer vision is essential to having  strong model performance. In addition to collecting images that are as similar to your deployed conditions as possible, labeling images carefully and accurately is essential. In order to label images effectively, the below post walks through tactics to ensure your dataset is as […]

AI Articles

How Tesla Teaches Cars to Stop

Creating successful computer vision models requires handling an ever growing set of edge cases. Tesla’s Senior Director of AI, Andrej Karpathy, gave a talk on how Tesla is building autonomous vehicles. Karpathy’s team is responsible for building the neural networks that create Tesla Autopilot. Given Tesla’s industry-leading position in tackling self-driving computer vision (without LiDAR), […]

SAP Business One

Efficient Tracking and Follow up of Emailed Documents in SAP Business One

The Background: Most of us choose Email as the sharing platform for transferring documents across the recipients. The platform is simple to use as-well-as fast.However the increased use of Email in businesses, is stressing the importance of “tracking” and “follow-up” in the communication. SAP Business One has come-up with a revolutionary new feature known as […]

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