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SAP Business One 2023 Innovations

TEKROI is at the forefront of unveiling the latest innovations in SAP Business One for 2023. As a versatile and cost-effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and subsidiaries, SAP Business One has garnered the trust of over 77,000 companies across 170 countries. It’s the backbone that powers their operations, offering efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

In a recent engagement, Rainer Zinow, Senior Vice President at SAP, gave TEKROI’s SAP Business One enthusiasts a detailed insight into the solution’s recent innovations. In our previous post, we delved into SAP’s substantial investments and reinforced security standards. Here, we continue to explore more highlights from Rainer’s discussion.

TEKROI Presents SAP Business One’s New Facet: The Web Client

TEKROI takes a pivotal step forward by introducing the SAP Business One Web Client. This feature empowers users with access to SAP Business One via a web browser, catering to the demands of modern users who crave flexibility. The Web Client is designed based on the SAP Fiori design concept, encompassing powerful built-in analytics that enhance decision-making processes.

The capabilities of Web Client span various essential business processes, encompassing sales and purchasing documents, payments and journal entries, master data for items and business partners, inventory documents, bills of materials, document drafts, approval processes, and customer relationship management (CRM), service, and timesheets. With Web Client, the experience of SAP Business One is now seamlessly accessible online.

Intelligent Automation: Bridging with AI

In a world abuzz with the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), TEKROI and SAP are in tune with market demands. We recognize that companies want to achieve more with fewer resources, and this is where Intelligent Automation enters the stage.

SAP delivers seven automation best practices as part of SAP Business One, introducing features like the Product Return Request automation workflow. Users can easily download and activate automation scripts from the SAP store, revolutionizing their business processes.

Rainer Zinow encourages users to leverage the expertise of their partners, ensuring they harness the full potential of Intelligent Automation for SAP Business One. It’s a pathway to doing more with less.

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management: For a Greener World

SAP Business One, at its core, thrives on the rich array of extensions offered by TEKROI and its partners. These extensions add new dimensions to the solution, facilitating operations in different industries. One exciting dimension is SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, especially relevant in Europe.

Built on SAP’s business technology platform and seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One, Sustainability Footprint Management brings environmental responsibility to the forefront. This solution introduces the concept of energy flow models, allowing businesses to assess energy consumption at each production step and reveal the environmental footprint of individual products. It’s a step towards a greener and more sustainable world.

SAP Digital Currency Hub: Pioneering in the World of Crypto

As the world experiences the surge in digital currencies, TEKROI is prepared to navigate the landscape. The SAP Digital Currency Hub offers SAP Business One users the ability to engage in global crypto payments while efficiently managing their crypto holdings. TEKROI is at the forefront of enabling seamless cryptocurrency operations, putting the power of the digital currency in the hands of businesses.

TEKROI, SAP Business One, and the Cloud

TEKROI, an accomplished SAP partner, stands as a reliable guide for businesses seeking to streamline processes, expand into new channels, and outperform their competition through low-risk technology investments.

With over two decades of experience in SAP Business One implementations, TEKROI understands that most businesses opt for cloud-hosted SAP Business One deployments. The cloud offers affordability, low maintenance, and exceptional security, aligning perfectly with the needs of today’s businesses.

TEKROI offers comprehensive cloud hosting solutions for SAP Business One, taking care of everything from system health and security monitoring to system patching. Our hosting services are tailored for SMBs, focusing on world-class architecture, affordability, robust solution portfolios, and 24/7 support.

Businesses can choose between public or private hosting, offering the flexibility needed for various operations.

Dive into SAP Business One with TEKROI: Shape a Smarter Future

For those embarking on their journey of exploring SAP Business One and its transformative potential, TEKROI invites you to join us for a live demo. Experience how SAP Business One simplifies processes, empowers data-driven decisions, and optimizes operations. With TEKROI by your side, the path to a smarter future is right at your fingertips.

TEKROI remains your strategic partner in harnessing the power of SAP Business One, and we are committed to driving your business forward with the latest innovations.

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