When you own a manufacturing business, you acknowledge how important it is to know the subtle nuances of your industry, such as working capital, stock levels, sales orders, production orders, and so on. This is crucial as this information is what allows you to run your processes smoothly and make ideal decisions for your company. 

But the real challenge is to access all the various data simultaneously and communicate with all the departments efficiently. TEKROI’s fifteen years of hard-core experience can come in handy here. The most recent gift of the digital revolution, SAP Business One, integrates and serves as an interface between you and all the data you need, which is right there at your disposal.

sap business one
SAP Business One

Now let us take a look at the SAP Business One benefits.

Top Benefits of SAP Business One

One-stop Solution You Crave For

A single software, SAP Business One, with its robust and efficient business management and TEKROI, with its advanced tech solutions like Artificial Intelligence, takes care of all your key functions like sales, customer relationship management, and analytics with ease.

Improved Efficiency of your Business

Efficiency is something you need if you want to keep your head above the water in this highly competitive market. SAP Business One is the answer to all your prayers! Combined with tremendous scalability and proven capability in the market, it allows you to work smoothly.

Enhanced Scalability to Provide the Stability

TEKROI, paired with the SAP Business One benefits, allows you to adapt to the needs of the market seamlessly. With no limitations on the number of users and storage, it provides the stability you need in a high-pressure environment.

Make Better Decisions

TEKROI offers you an immediate solution where you can have a bird’s eye view of your entire business with the help of SAP Business One services. This input of crucial data allows you to make better decisions leading to your company’s success.

Better Customer Management

Since the data reaches you on time because of SAP Business One, you can easily make adjustments according to your customers, providing them with the service that they need. Whether its grievance redressal, generous offers to loyal customers, or providing prompt services, you always stay one step ahead, thanks to SAP Business One.

Save a Lot of money:

This legacy software allows you to save a lot of money that you cannot afford while depending on manual processes. The other miscellaneous expenditures on annual support, maintenance and sudden breakdown redressals are also saved. 

The Control to Manage Things:

It is a no-brainer that you need to control all the crucial segments of your business to achieve greater success. TEKROI and its expert team allow you to have access to regular updates, real-time data, and reminders that are essential. 

And all of this becomes possible with SAP Business One! No more dependence on flawed spreadsheets and delayed notifications.


SAP Business One is a centralized portal that links all of your management services and automates all of your operating processes. SAP Business One is also ready with the cloud service, equipping you with all of the latest techs to manage your present and future needs without incurring any infrastructure, hardware, software, maintenance, or upgrade fees.